I Give Help!

How This Works

With the slogan "Everyone Needs Help ... Sometimes" the purpose of HALO is bring together people of like minds and projects to help each other out in the universal spirit of helping your brother. HALO serves as a social networking resource for helpers and helpees who use the service of helpalocal.com.

HALO is entirely free to both people that need help and people that want to offer help. Offering help for pay is frowned upon and those queries will be deleted. HALO is a way for people with similar interests to hook-up and help each other. Many a free project blossom into something more -- mutual cooperation, partnerships and employment can arise from initial contact and help.

HALO is independently owned and funded -- we are NOT the "government and here to help" -- we are independent, sovereign and free individuals helping each other.

I Need Help!

How This Works

Think of the old barn raising parties of years gone by. Farmer Brown's barn scorched and burned to the ground by a lightning strike, only to be rebuilt by all of Farmer Brown's friends and family. That is the spirit we are looking for here at HALO.

The reason most people are denied their dreams is because they are afraid to ask for help. Surprisingly enough, most people will say "yes" when asked "can you lend a hand." All you have to do is ask. It's as simple as that. If you don't ask, you won't get any help.